Two Front Teeth

All I Want For Christmas

Robin’s new article, “All I Want For Christmas” is now available at!  Here are some highlights: “God’s doesn’t give you what you want!” my friend said, as I followed her through the department store. “He gives you what you need.” I’m sure she meant well, but we were Christmas shopping. How irritating! Her comment [...]


The Incredible Newborn

The newborn has miraculous abilities.  Their eyesight is developed to focus remarkably well at 8 to 10 inches, the distance from a mother’s breast to her face. How thoughtful of our Designer! Looking into his mother’s eyes, a baby feels the warmth of her body and drinks deep of her nourishment. Humanity is set apart [...]

A Conversation

“How Do I Raise an Artistic Child?” – A Conversation

How do I nurture artistic success in my child? First, you must commit yourself whole-heartedly to the raising of a godly child. You must make it your aim to equip your child with the stability of the two-legged stance: 1) to know her God, 2) to develop a toolbox of highly skilled artistic voices to [...]